About Me

[Brief history]
ATMS (Australia Traditional-Medicine Society)qualified Naturopath
Advisor for Japan Holistic Beauty Association (NPO Corporation)
From Saitama prefecture, Japan.

2005 Took a degree of Naturopathy at Southern Cross University, Australia.
Worked for a clinic in Gold Coast for 5 years after taking a degree at University.
Provided medical consultations from adults to small kids, specialized in digestive system organs disease and allergic diseases.
2010 Returned to Japan and worked in Institute of Holistic medicine, in charge of conducting seminars to health professionals.
2012 Started holding lectures in Japan as requested by seminar organizers from all the places Japan.
2014 Launched a business. Established “Taiyo Health (Aust) Pty Ltd,” started selling supplement and natural cosmetics.
2016 Assigned to an advisor for Japan Holistic Beauty Association (NPO Corporation)

Currently I offer consultation and write articles as a naturopath while managing a company, in Melbourne, Australia. I am also holding lecture meeting about health and beauty in all the countries of the world and Japan, and total participants reaches 10,000.

Used to be sickly

I used to be very unhealthy and often got sick easily, although I am very healthy and live a fulfilling life nowadays.

I suffered from severe allergic rhinitis from childhood, stomach ache, constipation, anemia as I grow up. I often bedridden for period pain, too. When I started to have symptoms, I could only go to a hospital and get medicine over and over.

I started to feel a sense of danger over such a health condition and think “I should tackle my health issues in essence.” Soon after that, I had a predestined encounter in Australia, where I visited on a working holiday.

Encounter with Naturopathy

That was naturopathy, natural therapy from Australia. It is an alternative treatment aiming to cure illness completely by increasing natural healing ability the people have by rights,

Naturopath is a specialist of naturopathy, explore the underlying cause of the symptom through consultation and preventive medicine examination, and guide the patients to restore their health by holistic approach such as medical herb, supplement, and dietary therapy

My god sense said “This is it!” and I have decided to enter Southern Cross University, which introduced naturopathy curriculum first in Australia.

Southern Cross University did not accept foreign student at that time, therefore, I chose the way to go to Academy of Natural Therapies, which was a partner school of Southern Cross university, and planned to get transferred to Southern Cross University after earning credits.

I returned to Japan, saved money to study abroad, and flew to Australia again.

Your dream will come true if you get serious

I had to go through very tough curriculum after I came back to Australia with determination. Naturopathy is a difficult course to graduate even for native Australians. It was really hard to follow the curriculum for a non-native English speaker like me.

I studied very hard day and night, often cried, but it was well worth studying hard, and I obtained the Advanced Diploma at Academy of Natural Therapies. I thought I could enter Southern Cross University I had so longed for, and applied for the school. However, they did not accept me. The reason was that the transfer system was for the people with Australia citizenship or permanent residency who would like to take the correspondence course, and they could not issue a student visa to the transferred foreign student. I studied day and night to study there for three years, and was almost devastated but did not give up. I sent a mail to Mr. Paul Oroc, who was the professor of Naturopathy faculty at that time, explained how hard I studied in order to study naturopathy at Southern Cross University with enthusiasm.

Then, I received a message from the professor saying that they will create a special curriculum for foreign students. I became the first transferred foreign student to Southern Cross university, obtained a degree of Naturopathy two years after that.

Rules made by people can be changed also by people. Most of the dreams could come true, if you have strong will and persistence.

As naturopath (Natural therapist)

After I studied naturopathy, I saw the change in my body condition, which I suffered for a long time. I learned about the gluten allergy and how the luck of vitamin or mineral and stresses could affect the body, and was able to eliminate the bad physical condition I have suffered by changing what to eat and how to live.

After graduation, I started to offer medical consultation as naturopath, obtained customers by specializing in digestive system organs disease and allergic diseases, which I had also suffered for a long time, and guided about 1,000 patients, from adults to small kids, to restore their health.

I organized my company “Taiyo Health (Aust) Pty Ltd,” in 2014, have been selling supplement and natural cosmetics necessary for maintaining good health.
I have lived in Australia for years, and hoped to contribute to improve the quality of life of Japanese, but started to question “Has the quality of life of Japanese improved?” every time I return to Japan these days.
It is essential to maintain the good health for improving the quality of life, but more and more people have physical or mental concerns.
I also feel that many people have an anxiety over long lasting disorder.
Naturopath is a professional of the health. I would like to spread the knowledge about naturopathy and contribute to improve the quality of life of Japanese. That is my hope.