My interview appeared in “Fx Medicine Magazine.” I just received the magazine just published today, which was 2-page spread and outstanding – laugh.


I am so pleased because I feel like I was accredited by Australians in Australia.
It is really hard for Japanese to become Naturopath and work as naturopath in foreign countries.

To those people who are studying naturopath now, or those who graduated from naturopathy faculty, I understand it is really hard to learn anatomical physiology chemistry, nutrition science, in non-native language. We did our best!

I got discriminative treatment, as there was no Japanese or Asian naturopath where I started practice as naturopath. I sent my resumes to over 100 companies to find a job, but I received only two responses. I was depressed because I felt I was refused because I have a Japanese name.

However, I now receive recognition that I am running business with the strengths of being Japanese, and have been given more and more chances.

I thought that it was a disadvantage to be Japanese or Asian in the white community before; however, it was actually a significant advantage. I was not aware of that before.

I thought I should be ashamed of being Asian or Japanese every time I got discriminative treatment. Nevertheless, I think the way I am have been formed after I utilized the advantage of “I am not done for yet” mind, as well as eager-beaver, hard working, studious Japanese blood, and started to be admitted by the people around me, overcame various hardships. Every process was necessary for the I of today.

I have gone through many things till now and I am deeply impressed

Let me express my heartfelt appreciation to everybody who has given me a boost, friends and family who have supported me mentally and emotionally. I am here because of support from you all, but I ain’t over till the fat lady sings. This is not the goal, and is just one of the steps I should go through. I will devote myself to my duty aiming to make huge leaps and progress further