I was interviewed by “Jyosei Jisin” while I was in Japan.
The article was about what can be found from the result of Hair tissue mineral analysis.
We can learn really a lot from the test result.

It was my consideration that higher contamination of arsenic may relate to PM2.5; I talked about that, but headline of the magazine turn out to be very affirmative. Laugh.
There are many reports about the relationship between PM2.5 and arsenic.

Excess heavy metal in Beijing PM2.5

Beijing air: a heavy metal cocktail

Arsenic speciation study of PM2.5 in an urban area near a copper smelter

They call PM2.5 heavy metal cocktail; PM2.5 contains not only arsenic but also various heavy metals.


We can learn the following matters from Hair tissue mineral analysis: you may find that minerals you think you have enough are actually insufficient, or you may find that you are in fact having a touch of adrenal fatigue, or you may find that toxic mineral is unpredictably accumulating on the inside of your body, or you may find that the toxic mineral is imported to your body from unexpected place. There are many things you would not know unless you are examined.

I am planning to talk about these topics in the group consultation scheduled on 25-26 September. Seminars are also scheduled to be held in Tokyo and Osaka in November about how to read the result of Hair tissue mineral analysis.