As an advisor for Japan Holistic Beauty Association (NPO corporation).


Japan Holistic Beauty Association (NPO corporation), which was established in 2006, conduct various educational activities in order to promote self-care ability of women’s mental and body.
Naturopath Nami supports their activities such as workshops or seminars hosted by HBA, and training course for wellness related professionals as an adviser, and has been trying hard to make Japanese women more healthy and beautiful.

Holding of seminars


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With the dense information, seminars gain popularity among participants all the time, and total attendee reaches 10,000.

Consultation for HBA fellow members


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I will have a one-on-one dialogue in consultation, and guide you to solve the disorder you suffer by holistic method. Consultation by naturopathy does not aim to offer symptomatic treatment.

I will explore the underlying cause of the disorder, and aim to find the way to increase the resilience and immune strength of the patients themselves.
Please contact us if you would like to restore the body’s inherent natural health.

Supervising and producing

With the knowledge of naturopathy, I am offering a service to supervise and produce developing herbal tea, cosmetics, and supplement. Customers are satisfied with the good usability and scent of the product I have supervised.
Why don’t you develop your original product with a view of naturopathy that will increase the natural healing power of the body?

Media & writing activity


I am appearing in an interview on magazine or website as naturopath. I write articles using knowledge of naturopath and strive for promoting holistic health and beauty.

Naturopathy online store


I have also launched a naturopathy online store, with a hope to distribute products which are truly good for the health.
Naturopath Nami herself selected the product, such as high quality supplement and cosmetics of Australian origin, which we would recommend with confidence